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November 3, 2018            Casper, Wyoming
Children's Western Wishes

Each year, the Tribute to the Great American Cowboy Rodeo holds a special ceremony, honoring a child through Children’s Western Wish Foundation. Their mission is to share the blessing of our western heritage with individuals whose lives are or have been affected by an affliction, accident, or other hardship of any nature, and to fully recognize and appreciate that we are all children of God.

This year, Colter is the 2018   wish recipient.
Colter/Casper, WY  2018  - Diagnosed 9/9/2015 with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia at age 2.  

In September 2015, two-year-old Colter and his family experienced the most frightening moment of their lives. Colter’s mom had taken him to the doctor because he was experiencing severe bruising. The doctor ordered bloodwork for Colter and 90 minutes later, Colter’s parents received the dreaded call. The doctor told them that Colter had Leukemia and, from that moment on, their lives were forever changed in a big way.
Colter and his family were immediately flown to Denver where weekly chemotherapy treatment began right away.  Soon after, little Colter started a more aggressive form of chemo, which required a 24-hour minimum hospital stay at Denver Children’s Hospital.
About one year after Colter’s initial diagnosis, he entered in to maintenance treatment, which consisted of monthly trips to Denver for more chemo and spinal taps. Then, in December of 2017, Colter was rushed to Denver for emergency surgery to remove fluid from around his heart. Following the surgery, Colter had a long winter filled with colds and ER visits.
Today, Colter is five years old and loves spending time at his home in Casper with his parents and big sister Khole. Colter continues to stay strong through his treatments, which will continue until January 18, 2019.
A special thank you to Jason’s Friends Foundation for currently assisting 123 Wyoming families whose children suffer from childhood cancers or brain or spinal cord tumors. They provide critical non-medical financial assistance, advocacy and encouragement to kids like Colter.


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